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Cyber Education for Your Business

Breaches are no longer just an IT problem.  They touch every segment of an organization right up to the Board of Directors.  The human element is again a key finding of Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report.  Human beings continue to play a highly significant role in data breaches and cybersecurity incidents.  Our goal is to raise the security IQ throughout your enterprise.  Contact us for a quote on employee education, leadership education and keynotes.

Protect Your Business

2016 Symantec research shows that 1 in every 131 emails sent contain malware and that 400 businesses are targeted by Business Email Compromises (BEC) every day with small/medium-sized businesses being the most at risk.  Let us strengthen your overall security posture by educating your employees on these threats.

Providing Effective Training

Cybersecurity is everyone’s job.  Ensure all employees are aware of the significant role they play in keeping your organization secure with GlobalSecurityIQ’s custom educational programs for boards, management, and employees on a broad spectrum of security topics.  Cyber education programs can range from classes and presentations to “social engineering” training for employees.    We can also conduct onsite tabletop exercises to help build your event-readiness capability.

Ransomware Awareness

According to U.S. Government interagency reports, there have been over 4,000 daily ransomware attacks since the beginning of 2016. That is a 300% increase in daily attacks since 2015, putting many industries at high risk. Ransomware is malicious code that exploits human and technical weaknesses. Hackers encrypt data and deny organizations access to their own systems until a ransom is paid. The global cost of Ransomware attacks are predicted to reach $11.5 billion by 2019. There are many preventive measures that can protect an organization against ransomware attacks. Mitigation requires a combination of employee security awareness training and technical controls.