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Risk Assessment and Cyber Risk Mitigation Strategies

Every organization has a unique and complex computing environment that requires a custom analysis and risk mitigation strategy to protect sensitive data and information.

GlobalSecurityIQ meets this need by providing a comprehensive cybersecurity Risk Assessment based on standards put forth by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), Center for Internet Security (CIS), and other regulatory agencies. Our proprietary 250+ data-point assessment tool will evaluate an organization’s complete cybersecurity posture, identify critical cybersecurity risks, and provide a comprehensive report detailing risk priorities and mitigation recommendations.

Almost all data security regulatory agencies require a Risk Assessment, including the NYS Department of Financial Services (NYCRR 500), HIPAA Security Rule, PCI DSS, FISMA, and the FTC Safeguard Rule. The GlobalSecurityIQ Risk Assessment satisfies that requirement and can also identify other areas of non-compliance for your organization’s regulatory obligations.

Vulnerability Scanning

Our internal and external vulnerability assessments are the first step in ensuring your critical data is secure and well-protected.  Our assessments identify the weaknesses in your network infrastructure through in-depth interviews with your staff and an executive briefing of risk areas.

Utilizing leading industry tools, such as Nessus Professional, we probe and identify weaknesses in your network that would allow hackers and malicious actors to gain access to your confidential information. GlobalSecurityIQ specializes in scanning your entire network, externally and internally, including your web and mobile applications to identify vulnerabilities. The reports we generate help prioritize risk and inform remediation decisions.

Penetration Testing

What data is at risk due to vulnerabilities? GlobalSecurityIQ offers “white hat” hacking (authorized simulated attacks) to exploit weaknesses in your systems, networks, and applications. These penetration tests identify the full scope of risk and allow for effective decision-making in employing defenses. Our most common pen test engagements include the exploit of vulnerabilities found in an organization’s external and internal network, web application and wireless network. We specialize in social engineering penetration testing – please view our education page.